We just got our official Frontrow Shoppe website!

Our story begins when I checked the availability of this domain (frontrowshoppe.com) about six months ago. I was so shocked when I saw that it was being sold for $2000. I was sold, and used a frshoppe.com instead, which I didn’t give much attention about.

The thing is, I’m very meticulous. I want to have a domain name that represents the brand I am trying to make. And it could also help in getting my facebook page verified (Frontrow Shoppe). Being verified on Facebook would mean more sales and more credibility. It also makes you brand stand out and get recognition.

So when I checked yesterday, I did not expect to find that frontrowshoppe.com was available for only $10.64 a year! I was so excited in getting the domain that I did not sleep. I couldn’t buy it because my ATM card was empty. I’m not the guy who stores a lot in my card. The very next day, I funded my wallet and bought the domain. I spent the day fixing the website and transferring all the files from my previous domain.

After setting ups the SSL Certificates, and databases, we are finally here: publishing real content. So I will not just be posting about food supplements or network marketing, but I will also give you financial advice and tips. If you are struggling with your work or you just want to earn extra bucks at home, I can surely give you some how to’s.

Finally, I can devote real effort. Good luck to our shoppe! Let’s toast for more sales and more success!

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