From fat to hot! Dave Villanueva reveals another secret

Do you remember Dave Villanueva? He became an internet sensation after posting his before and after transformation. He went from bullied to instantly famous. He even got featured on TV. Watch below. Part of his secret was Frontrow’s Luxxe White – the company’s best selling product. Now he reveals another: Luxxe Slim! Find out how he did it in the post below.

No doubt Luxxe White had done its part. But do you know how Dave lose weight easily?

Dave Villanueva’s Post

Dave Villanueva Before
Dave weighed in at 76 kilograms. He tried a lot of products before trying Luxxe Slim. Much to his delight, it helped him lose weight faster.
Credits: Dave Villanueva

Here is his post:


Ayoko na ng mataba. Ayoko na matawag na balyena. Akala ko kapag nakikita ni crush na marami ako pambili ng masasarap na pagkain sasama na siya makipag-date sakin. Pero hindi, lalo pa siyang lumayo sakin.

I took it as a challenge and my biggest motivation. And this created a desire to seek some change in me.

I took slimming teas, Garcinia Cambogia at marami pang iba pero wala namang effect. I tried so many products but all of them failed me. Super frustrated. Sinayang ko lang pera ko.

Nag-enroll ako sa GYM and started doing my diet. Noong una, sobrang hirap. I have to give up a lot of things just to reach my goal. May mga panahon pang mapapa-tanong ka na lang bakit ba ginagawa mo yung bagay na toh.

I did my research, read some online testimonials and tried LUXXE SLIM. I found out that this product is marked as safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration with all the necessary certificates tapos HALAL certified. So I give it a try!

This food supplement helped me lose weight while also taking care of my body. Sobrang obsess ako sa pagda-diet noon pero napansin ko nung nag-take ako ng Luxxe Slim, it contains 150 mg green tea extract which helped me naturally lose weight. Luxxe Slim also serves as fat burner kaya everytime na mag-ggym ako pinagpapawisan ako ng sobra, which means marami akong nabuburn na taba. Kung familiar ka sa Fit N Right and other slimming drinks, Luxxe Slim has also L-Carnitine which serves as fuel for your body because it converts fatty acids into energy.

From 76kgs, I’m down to 58kgs.

Super happy kasi crush na ako ng crush ko, pero hindi ko na siya crush kasi siya na ngayon ang mataba. Sumabay kana sa bagong uso ngayon. Try mo na din mag-luxxe slim, stay fit and healthy 😇”

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He revealed in his post that he tried slimming teas, and other products. When those didn’t work, he looked for something else. That’s when he tried Frontrow’s Luxxe Slim. It did not take long before he finally the effects.

He tried a lot of products Dave went from 76 to 58 kilograms. He achieved it through the proper diet, exercise while taking Luxxe Slim to get faster results. Credits: Dave Villanueva

He now enjoys a fit and healthy body. From being bullied to being shunned by his crush, he now flaunts a hotter body. Aside from that, he doesn’t have to give up what he wants to eat.

He tried a lot of products Luxxe Slim allowed Dave to enjoy life.
Credits: Dave Villanueva

So what is really behind Luxxe Slim’s effectivenes? Luxxe Slim has non-laxative L-Carnitine which converts fats into energy. It come out of the body in the form of heat, most commonly through sweat. Working out can be more productive as you will be burning double the fats than before.

Going on a diet will not be enough if you have an abnormal metabolism which ruins your plans to lose weight. Most people who gain weight easily have slow body metabolism. Luxxe Slim provides a solution by including Green Tea Extract to set your metabolism to normal. What you eat is what you get. And you get to enjoy what you crave for.

Dave is now confident. No longer shy from his crush, he enjoys life and no longer has to give up his wants.
Credits: Dave Villanueva

Do you want to lose weight too? Try Luxxe Slim now! Pair your work out and diet with the right supplement. Get that body you want in no time! Order Luxxe Slim Now!

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